Gift #708: Company of trees

It has been a hectic and difficult time for my family recently, and I find myself wearied with the stress, disappointments, and nagging worries that have been biting at my heels.  As I’ve tried to muster strength for myself and those near me I find myself staring at pictures of trees from Eagle Creek with the invitation “Be still and know that I am God” pressing on my heart.  And I wonder at what point I started linking trees with the presence of God, but it seems it has always been so.  It is a nearly universal human instinct to sense something sacred in the trees, so I know I’m in good company.



It is obvious to me that God loves His trees dearly, after all He clothed the world with vast expanses of them.  Many verses in Scripture attest to the care that God has for trees and they are often used as metaphor for humanity, linking us together in an intimate way.  While strolling through the forest over the weekend, I was reminded again of the power of trees to calm, comfort, and heal.  You can listen to their mysterious language, whispered in the wind.  In the quiet refuge they offer, I feel as if I’m in a sanctuary, and the sunlight streaming through the trees is more lovely than any stained glass in a cathedral.


I am so grateful for trees – they are marvelous companions and teachers.  Many books can be filled with the lessons that trees impress on our hearts.  But they also offer us a respite, a place to just “be” and a chance to renew our spirits.  So today I encourage you to seek out the company of trees and spend some time being still.  You may find yourself meeting God there.



Blessings to you,


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