Gift #710: Fall evenings

Today was one of those lovely fall days.  We finally had some sun for the first time and we had a bit of a warm spell.  The trees are nearing their peak colors and they are lovely.  One of the things I love about fall here is how slow it is.  Everything turns in stages, so right now we have some trees that have already lost their leaves, some that are turned vibrant colors, and some that are still green.  So for a blissful period you can crunch fallen leaves underfoot, admire the changing leaves on the trees, and be comforted that some have yet to change so fall is not over yet.  (happy thought)  It’s also the period of time where fall delicacies have returned to the supermarket and have yet to be upstaged by the Christmas foods.


Sights like this always set my heart twittering – so many wonderful pumpkin and apple flavors to enjoy!  My favorites of the seasonal offerings are the english muffins, pumpkin spice bread, apple cinnamon bread, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin yogurt… oh, and those pumpkin treats by Little Debbie!


And a new treat this year are harvest varieties of sparkling juice.  Our local supermarket got in a shipment of pumpkin cider, caramel apple, and cider & spice!  Oh, they are wonderful!

Tonight after dinner I indulged in a piece of apple cinnamon toast with cinnamon cream cheese.  Yum!  Now I have the lights under the pumpkins lit up on the mantle, a pumpkin candle is burning on the stove, and I’m curled up on the couch.  A glass of cider & spice is on the side table and my fall sweater knitting is in my hands.  Oh autumn, how I love you.


Blessings to you,



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