Gift #711: Hidden miracles

Earlier this month my company hosted a Day of Service, in which all the employees are invited to participate in serving their communities.  This is a global event, and one which Eli Lilly has been doing for several years.  I’m very grateful to work for a company that places value on giving back to others.  This year my group worked in conjunction with a non-profit called “Keep Indianapolis Beautiful” to restore many of the city’s waterways.  My group’s job was to clear out a large section of land that had been over-run with invasives (ie. honeysuckle).  We’ve done this before in years past and it’s amazing to me to realize how much of the city’s forested areas are overgrown with honeysuckle.  It’s a little disconcerting actually.  And after several hours of ripping it out, you start to see it everywhere you look.

We had our area cleared out pretty quickly and then were asked to help finish up some additional areas.  Once we were good and tired from all the cutting down and hauling of honeysuckle, the staff asked us to please move all the brush that had been cut down in the morning shift a bit closer to the street so the chippers could access it more easily.  We looked at the mountain of compacted honeysuckle branches, and I must say I felt myself wilt a little inside.  A look at my coworkers told me they felt the same.  But we wiped sweat out of our eyes and tackled the pile, wrenching branches out of pile #1 and stacking them into pile #2.  It was during this bustle of activity that I looked down to grab another branch and I saw it.


There..  hidden in a pile of honeysuckle, miraculously still intact, was a bird nest.  A beautiful, fragile miracle that I never expected to see.  I have no idea how it managed to survive being cut down, dragged across the site, thrown in a waste pile, squashed by other branches, and then pulled out of the pile again to be moved.  There was a brief second or two where I stared at it in disbelief, and then it was in my hands and I was moving my precious treasure to a safe place.  I wrapped it as best as  I could and it survived the trip home well.  It was made of loosely woven grasses, so it is incredibly fragile and is sitting on my bookcase right now.  I haven’t dared to move it, but if someone knows of a product that I could spray on it to keep it together or some way of preserving the nest, I’d be most appreciative to hear.  I would love to preserve this special gift as a reminder that miracles can surprise you even in the most mundane of situations.


Blessings to you,


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