Gift #712: Sanctuaries of the heart

Everyone needs sanctuaries – a place to find refuge from the grind of daily life, a place of worship, and rejuvenation.  A safe and healing place.  For some, this place can be found in a physical location, for others it is found in sweet memories, or dreams of the future.


Natural places act as a balm for our souls, and to me they feel like a kiss from God.  John Muir spoke well when he said that we need the wild places of the world.  Especially now with so much clamoring all around us, it is especially important to retreat to those refuges where we can be still and quiet, listen and know, grow and love.


I’ve been blessed to have many such sanctuaries and when I can’t be there in person, I still roam them in my mind.  Many of them are in Denver – Lair o’ the Bear Park, Mt. Falcon Park, Hudson Gardens.. these are some of my most specially loved places on earth.  Since moving to Indy, I’ve grown to love Spring Mill State Park and the city of Cincinnati as a special getaways.  Eagle Creek and my neighborhood park are also dear to my heart.  I’ve grown to love Eagle Creek almost as much my mountain parks.


On my last visit to Eagle Creek a couple stopped me on the trail and asked how to find the bird sanctuary that was marked on the map.  It took a while to describe through the language barrier that we were walking right through the sanctuary – that it was a safe place for the birds to live, not a specific attraction for people.  I told them some places where they could watch birds up close (which seemed to be what they were looking for).  Afterwards I thought how special it was that the park could be sanctuary to birds as well as to its human visitors.  The park and reservoir provide a home to the birds where they can nest and find food in safety, and it also gives restoration and peace to those who come to enjoy its beauty.


I hope you are able to find a sanctuary for your heart today. (All pictures are of Eagle Creek reservoir and park)

Blessings to you,


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