Gift #714: Pumpkin smiles

It’s been a while since I’ve had pumpkins featured on the blog, and I’ve missed them.  After all, it is October – glorious, beautiful, orange October.  I love so much seeing rows and rows of pumpkins in fields.  All the farms and garden centers are full of them, with their happy, sunny faces beaming up at you.


I cant’ decide if I like big pumpkins or the tiny ones best.  Fortunately,  I never put myself in a position of choosing.


Many places in the area charge by weight and this sign made me smile.  It sounded like something the Wicked Witch of the West would say.  “Weigh your pumpkins here dearie, and your little dog too!”


I hope your days are clothed in sunshine and pumpkins and that you are enjoying the lush beauty of autumn.  And remember that hugging your pumpkins at least once a day has been shown to decrease stress and improve your health!

Blessings to you,



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One Response to Gift #714: Pumpkin smiles

  1. Pumpkins are so much fun, they are worth collecting this time of year. Buy them small, medium, and large 😉 One of our 2013 pumpkins survived the entire year in our garage, and is out on the front porch for the second year 😉 best wishes, Sarah, WG

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