Gift #715: Halloween Tree

A while ago on a visit to a local garden center, I saw something I’ve never seen before – a Halloween tree.  What a neat idea it was!  Decked out with skeletons, spiders, garland, ornaments, and wood signs, it was a fitting focal point for the season.

HT5I immediately had visions of trees filled with owls and bats, draped in spider webs instead of tinsel, and decorated with pumpkin tree toppers.  Well, I’m in love with that idea.  Here are some close-ups of my favorite of the ornaments.


This little felted mouse in Halloween costume is adorable and reminds me of the mouse I purchased last year in Cincinnati.  His name is Hector and he lives on my bedside stand.  I think they might be cousins.


It would not be a proper Halloween tree without a murder of crows fluttering about the tree branches.  This one is keeping a weather eye on all those mice.


Blown glass and Indian corn are a perfect match.  I loved the colors painted on this ornament.  I think the mouse had his eye on this tasty treat.


And what can I say about this pumpkin?  Adorable.  Just… adorable.

This has left my mind spinning with possibilities.  How about a tree for Elphaba and the Emerald City inspired by the novel Wicked?  Or one inspired by the fanciful world of Jack Skellington and the Nightmare before Christmas?  I think “spooky forest” would make a great Halloween tree theme – with thorny branches, owls, bats, and wolves.  Or perhaps one in tribute to favorite fairytale villains?  What fun it would be to decorate lovely trees for Halloween!

Blessings to you,



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