Gift #720: Spring Mill State Park

I spent the most wonderful weekend hidden away in Spring Mill State Park.  I’m so grateful for times to get away and rejuvenate in beautiful places.  I dream about Spring Mill all year-long and look forward to the autumn trip I take with my family each year.  We enjoy the coziness of the inn, the rustic charm of the lodge and large fireplace, the tasty meals, and the beautiful fall color as we hike through miles of wooded heaven.  This year our trip was a bit later than usual, but we were still blessed with lingering autumn foliage.

image image

It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed every moment.  Do you feel that time alters when you do something you really enjoy or have anticipated for a long time?  During the trip, it felt like time stood still as we listened to bird calls or a squirrel in the distance, but at the same time it was as if the whole trip happened instantaneously and no sooner had we checked in than we were leaving again.  It all rushed by in a glorious whirl and now it feels like an already receding dream.  I’ve been poring over my photos, recalling every detail I can of how the woods felt, sounded, and looked.  I have in my hands a knitting project whose colors mimic the hues of autumn we saw on display and I try to knit all I experienced into a visceral reminder of the trip.   As a recall the precious time spent there, my heart is full of wistful, desperate longing – the pangs of joy that beauty so often leaves behind.  I know the feeling well and recognize it (as C.S. Lewis put it) as homesickness for a place I have never been, but I’ve seen it’s shadows in every beautiful thing on earth.

Blessings to you,


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