Gift #723: Friends of a feather

I met a friend for lunch this week and she brought me a lovely, unexpected gift from her girls (this is what we call her chickens).

Aren’t they beautiful?  I love the rich russet color on the tips – it contrasts so nicely with the cream.  It is very generous of her girls to shed such treasures, and thoughtful of my friend to share them with me.  I’m debating on if they will be used in a project or if they will stay “on display ” for a while so I can admire and pet them.  These are from the very chickens that I visited with over Labor Day, so they are extra special in that I know the donors personally.  I must confess that I’ve wanted chickens for quite a while.  Not just for fresh eggs, but because they have personality and are curious and engaging to watch.  I have selected names for my future chickens.  The names are from the “Hill Top Mystery” series by Susan Albert, which involve mysteries solved by Beatrix Potter at her farm in the Lake District.  These are charming books and I highly recommend them.  She had chickens named Mrs. Bonnet, Mrs. Shawl, and Mrs. Boots.  Adorable.  Unfortunately chickens are not allowed in my current subdivision.  So until I move or chicken-discrimination is conquered (whichever comes first) I will content myself with hearing stories from my friend about her girl’s adventures and enjoying their feathers.


Blessings to you,


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