Gift #724: Remembrance

There’s something about autumn that inspires reflection.  As the leaves change and fall to the ground, our attention seems to pull inward as we contemplate the closing year and anticipate the future.  Perhaps it’s the mellowness of the season, or the dark, cold nights, or gazing into flickering fires, or watching birds fly across the sky headed to a warmer home.  For whatever reason autumn arrests our attention and reminds us that the life cycle of nature is mirrored in our own.  I think this is a special comfort that helps give us proper perspective as we face changing seasons in our own lives.


It’s appropriate that in this time of reflection and remembrance we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Remembrance and thanksgiving are intimately connected; the one being a natural result of the other.  During our church sermon today we heard about the importance of remembrance as a vital part of our relationship with God.  Seeing God’s faithfulness in our lives encourages us to trust Him for the future.  Later, my brother and I were talking on the phone.  He had just finished a Bible study on the first five books of the Bible and was telling me that Deuteronomy was his favorite because Moses uses the book to remind the people of Israel of their past, of what God has done for them, and of what their future could be.  We talked about how a lot of the Bible, the Old Testament in particular, is very repetitive.  Vast portions of the Old Testament are made up of the people of Israelites remembering their history – they remembered corporately in worship, they remembered at holidays, the parents remembered and taught their children, the prophets used remembrance as an invitation to repentance and communion with God.  In the New Testament, there are many exhortation to remember God’s faithfulness of old and in our personal lives and to encourage each other with our stories.

As we move closer into Thanksgiving, we will be spending some time together remembering the blessings that give meaning to our days and joy to our hearts.

Blessings to you,


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