Gift #748: Cross country travels

Today I became a gypsy and traveled from my home in Indiana all the way to east Texas in the back seat of a car for 14 hours.  This is how the day went once it became light enough to see.  Knit…knit…knit until I become car sick, stare out at the window and watch the cloudy, dreary landscape go by, try to nap to avoid puking in the car, wake up feeling better and knit again.  (repeat sentence).  Now this drive is certainly better than the trek from Colorado through west Texas – that was brutal – nothing to look at.  Driving through the eastern part of the country at least gives you trees to watch whizzing by in the windows.  And at one point in Missouri I looked up to see a quaint church – painted white with a great steeple, and decorated with greenery for Christmas.  It looked like something from a postcard of a by-gone era.  In fact, I expected to see horse and buggy waiting nearby.  It all flashed by too quick for a picture, but it was lovely.  At one of the few times we stopped, I unfolded myself from the back seat to stretch and gt a bit of fresh air.  The crabapple trees in the parking lot had shed their leaves and revealed this.


Can you see all those nests?  It’s like an apartment complex for birds!  Since I didn’t see any residents, I’m assuming they have all gone to Florida or Bahamas to wait out winter in warm luxury on the beach.  Birds are lucky to travel without cars.  I bet they don’t get carsick.  But then, they don’t get to knit either, so I think I have the better end of the bargain.  Now that my migration is done for a while, I can look forward to enjoying some time with my family.  And of course, more knitting.


Safe travels to all of you who are flying the nest to be with family and friends this Christmas.

Blessings to you,


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