Gift #755: Moss

Today I wanted to showcase a lovely store in Tyler, Tx.  It’s a florist/garden shop next to the grocery store, so at least once on trips to Tyler to visit family, I like to stop in.  Especially in winter, it’s nice to see green things growing.


Moss has been there for a couple of years and the store is a feast for the eyes.  There’s a large counter full of fresh blooms and greenery where the owners assemble floral arrangements and wreaths (they even offer classes!).  Potted plants fill the store and I’m especially crazy about their succulents.  They also sell soaps, jewelry, and small gift-like items.  They had felted ornaments of foxes and mice that took about every bit of self-control to leave alone.

image image

There’s also an outdoor courtyard with more plants and focal points for gardens, like birdbaths, reclaimed iron fencing, and such.

image image

It’s always a treat to visit this oasis of green and I hope that you enjoy the pictures.  I’m now in countdown mode till spring!

Blessings to you,


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