Gift #758: Woodland Christmas

One of my secret agendas is to move Christmas into January.  (I guess admitting that on the blog means it’s not a secret anymore.  So I can toss away the face mask and alias now).  But truth be told, having Christmas in December is just too rushed for me.  We don’t get to savor Thanksgiving because Christmas is looming on the horizon and then there’s just not enough time to enjoy the Christmas season.  Until the powers-that-be decide to give some more breathing room between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ll just prolong the season.  As far as I’m concerned, I’ll celebrate with Christmasy things from New Years until MLK day.  The point of all this is to prepare you that we will have a Christmas post today.  I ran out of days before Christmas and had some lovely things to share with you and it seems a shame not to just because the official day has gone by.  So sing your favorite Christmas song and pour a cup of cocoa.

This evening we’ll sneak a peek at how Christmas is celebrated in the woodlands.  We’ll have to set the scene.  Snowflakes are gently falling, thickening the blanket that already covers the forest floor in downy white.  Bare tree limbs stretch to the sky giving the appearance that the trees are yawning and eager to wake from winter’s slumber.  But it’s not quite time yet.  Dusk is falling and you can see smoke curling from the little chimneys topping the forest dwellings.  Our furry friends are gathering for a Christmas celebration.  A proper party must have appropriate trimmings.  That’s Mrs. Squirrel’s job.


She has outfitted every cottage in the glade with a festive wreath.  She’s worked hard guilding the acorns that hang in the bare trees giving a bit of twinkle.  She oversaw the robins in their attempts to string Christmas lights across the town square.  And she even made sure the mice made popcorn and berry garlands to string across the trees.  (This was an admirable feat as little mice are more inclined to eat popcorn than decorate with it).  Our little village looks a perfect postcard.

The penguins are in charge of organizing the activities for the evening.  (yes, I’m aware that ordinarily one doesn’t find penguins in the forest, but it’s Christmas).


It looks like the penguins have an evening of skiing planned.  At the base of the hill is a pond sheltered by tall pines.  I expect we’ll find ice-skating, hot chocolate, and roasted chestnuts on the fire.  Well done penguins!

The gift exchange is hosted by the Mr. Squirrels, who are well-known in the little village.  (you can tell this by the tall hats they wear).


Don’t they look dapper with their hats and festive collars?  After skating and games all our friends will be ready for Christmas feast.  Everyone will have a place at the long table and a sumptuous meal of forest delights will be served.  There will be much laughing and toasting and hearty conversation as the snow falls beyond frosty windows.  After Christmas pudding is served, our party will retire to the parlor where there’s a roaring fire and everyone will exchange gifts.  There will be carols and cider and more chestnuts (this is a forest after all) and stories.  If the rabbits get their way, there will also be charades.  Everyone will declare it is undoubtedly the best day of the year.  In contented bliss we hear the message of Christmas in the voices of our friends, the songs, and the candlelight on snow.


Blessings to you,


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