Gift #762: Winding yarn

I wasn’t planning to blog tonight (it’s been a long day) but something miraculous just happened and I felt I must share or burst.  I successfully wound 2 skeins of silk mohair, 650 yards, without a single incident!


(And just ignore the yarn in the background – it’s not part of this story).  Now before you think I’m certifiably insane for being excited about this, let me just tell you.  I have used that swift and ball winder many, many times and have never successfully wound a ball of yarn on the first go.  Invariably there are problems – the yarn gets snarled, the tension on the swift slackens – you get the idea.  And the worst part has been with the “cakes” of yarn it produces.  As I wind the yarn, it starts skipping off the top and gets wrapped around the base instead of laying nicely on top of the previous strands.  Every time I try to wind yarn, I end up in hysterics, a massive meltdown, with inward cursings and groanings and tirades.  The rest of the yarn in stash trembles in fear of my wrath and hopes that I can’t find the scissors to shred yarn in my frustration.  The last time I wound yarn, I ended up with 400 yards of tangled mess all over the kitchen that I had to wind into a ball by hand.  So, when I say that I wound two balls without incident, without my blood pressure rising, without a single tangle…. this is a miracle.  I’m beyond thrilled!  I’m happy and calm and I have 2 perfect cakes of yarn.  This is even more incredible because the yarn in question is a lacy, cobweb mohair – which means if anything is at risk of getting snarled or tangled, this is it.


Isn’t it lovely?  Sky blue and silver mist; and incredible halo – look at the top of the cake – it’s all fuzzy.   I’m going to do some gauge swatches to help with pattern decisions.  This is for a very special project…  more to come.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #762: Winding yarn

  1. Lovely yarn! Sounds like it was an unusual blessing to have the winding go so smoothly. Let it always be so easy from here on! That is exactly the color family I’m working with at the moment. I’m making a wide scarf with Red Hearr’s Unforgettable “Tidal.” It is a very soft yarn and a joy to handle. Have you used “Unforgettable?” The colors are beyond wonderful. Best wishes for a relaxing Sunday, Sarah, WG

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