Gift #763: Waiting (impatiently) for spring

About this time of year I start to go insane.  It starts as a tiny murmur, a slight unsettled feeling.  That was a week or so ago.  By this time it’s an all-consuming craziness – for spring.  And realizing that my desire is at least two months off just is too much to handle.  There are only really two times during the year where I feel myself falling apart – during the fall (this is out of pure ecstasy) and in the winter (when I’m longing for spring).  It manifests itself in strange ways – I start muttering to myself, staring at gardening magazines, spending long hours on pinterest looking at flowers, and I’ve been known to paw through the snow looking for green shoots to emerge.  I also have a hard time controlling my obsession over color and patterns.  I feel nearly unhinged, on the edge of delirium driven by longing and anticipated pleasure of spring.  Warm(er) weather today made spring’s arrival feel like a certainty by next week.  A brief check on the weather revealed that was not the case.  However, this week did bring a tangible advance of the blessed season.  There are buds all over the pussy willow tree!  It’s done so well since its planting this past spring.  It grew and was covered in leaves until late in November.  And now it is covered in tight brown buds; some have already burst open in a profusion of creamy fluffiness.


What a lovely, welcome sight that is!  It is so wonderful to have early blooming plants to remind us that though the rest of the garden is sleeping, spring will be coming and everything will awaken in greens, pinks, purples, and creams soon enough.  The hellebores and hyacinths are still tucked up under the soil, but I’m hoping they won’t be far behind in stretching little green shoots above ground soon.


Wishing you a weekend filled with thoughts of green!

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #763: Waiting (impatiently) for spring

  1. What beautiful buds, Sarah! Pussy Willow is on my wish list of plants, as we don’t have one here. Please head to your nearest book store and purchase the “early spring” edition of Country Gardens magazine. You will be amazed! They have a huge feature on pussy willow, and show several very clever ways to use it in arrangements. You will enjoy more than a few moments of bliss paging through this breath of spring. Another antidote to the January-February blahs is the new catalog from Plant Delights nursery. ( They will send you one for free. It is my obsession at the moment. They have lots of new introductions this year, and plants you won’t find elsewhere. Even my husband is glancing over my shoulder remarking on the bright photos! Blessings to you, Sarah. Spring is already with us. WG

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