Gift #766: Plainfield Library

Last month I received an email from the owner of my local yarn store asking if some of our knitters would like to submit some finished pieces to the Plainfield Library for a fiber arts display!  I was surprised and grateful to be included and I contributed some pieces (yay!). I went this evening to see everyone’s work.  I thought it would be a simple glass case like my local library has in their entryway.  However it was staged in a gallery that circled around the upstairs balcony – it gave it a museum kind of feel and was really neat!  Some pieces were displayed in artistic groupings under glass and others were hanging on the walls.  I’ll give you a brief tour.


This was one of my favorite displays because everything was blue.  It was also my favorite because that’s my knitted shawl acting as a tablecloth.  It’s my finished Wind and the Willows Shawl.  Do you remember that?  I was happily knitting that for about 6 months last year and it was the topic of several blog posts.


Some pretty scarves.  I think both were designed and knitted by the shop owner Erica.  Aren’t they lovely?


This is one of my shawls.  I wear it all the time and it looks great right or wrong side.  I loved everything about this project.


A selection of hand-spun yarny goodness.


This project I am still in awe of.  Nomad Knits offered an “afghan in a year” club where each month you knit two squares and then at the end of the year you had enough to put together an afghan.  A member of my knit group made this for her mother.  She would bring the blocks to knit night and we’d all eagerly check her progress.  I have to admit the completed project took my breath away – it is gorgeous.  She does beautiful work and the little details in this afghan are stunning.  An heirloom indeed.


And this was a fun display.  My friend Erica has had some of her patterns published in books and magazines and this is a selection of two recent ones – a sock monkey hat and some textured fingerless mitts.  Well done Erica!

I hope you enjoyed the guided tour of the display.  There was lots more to see.  If you are local, it’s definitely worth a trip.  Items are on display through the end of the month.

Blessings to you,


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