Gift #767: Champagne and Crystal

I’m headed out for a trip on Sunday and that means … packing yarn!  Actually, I’m rather hitting panic phase because one of the projects I planned to take has taken a finicky turn.  First I decided I wanted a different pattern than what I had originally picked out, then once I found a suitable pattern to feed my spring foliage cravings, I’ve had to swatch.  This is where things have gone downhill.  I’m not sure this yarn really wants to be anything other than a lovely jeweled ball.   I must get this figured out by tomorrow afternoon, so the pressure is on – will I make this work or just grab something quick and easy?  Stay tuned….

Consequently because I’m busy knitting and dragging out every needle I own into the living room, I needed a topic for today that was quick and easy, preferably with photos ready to go.  And I found just the thing.  In the past I’ve done several blog posts based on trips to my favorite store, Anthropologie.  I like to take pictures of the store and create stories or a theme behind them.  I’ve not done that in a while and on my last trip before Christmas I decided I should start that again.  Besides being fun to write, they are also good ways to experiment with color palettes, study textures, and pull unique photos together into a cohesive collage.  I don’t know if I’ll manage to do it monthly, but I’d like to be more regular about creating these sorts of posts and today’s is inspired by winter.


Neutrals were the colors of the season at Anthropologie.  The store fairly burst with creamy sweaters, tarnished silver and bronze vases, and crystal accessories.  I especially liked the pairing of warm creamy tones with cooler metallics.   Sophisticated and simple, these colors shine when grouped together.  Raw crystal and crocheted wool sweaters make a delightful contrast of texture.


This second collage reminds me of a walk in the winter woods at sunset when the light reflects a rosy hue off the dead leaves and sparkling snow.  Molten copper leaves, flecked feathers, white birch trunks, smoky grey fog… a feast for the senses.

Blessings to you,


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