Gift #775: Succulents in winter

It’s still too early to find signs of new green life outside.  And garden centers are wise to wait several more weeks before bringing in new plants to tempt us with bright blooms and lush foliage.  However, one finds an intense need for green at this time of year.  And at these times the interior decorating stores come to the rescue.  Store of the hour: West Elm.   Thank you West Elm for cultivating our interest in indoor terrariums during the winter months.  Stopping in to see succulents in January and February is a joy that can’t be described.  Thank you for feeding a steady diet of green when the landscape outside can be drab and dreary.  Just when I’m tempted to spend inappropriate amounts of time in the produce section to get acquainted with green leafy things, West Elm decorates the entire store with beautiful little plants and exotic planters to liven up your home.

image image

Just look at this tray of succulents – soft green, gray, rosy foliage.  Oh how it lifts the heart!


My favorite was this little beauty bearing bouquet of tiny pink flowers. So delicate and perfect.


For a touch of whimsy, I loved these planters with stylized faces on them.  They reminded me of decor from the 50s. With a grassy houseplant nestled in them, you could have an eclectic bit of art.  I also like using pieces of recycled wood as planters for epiphytes.  A cluster of those on the wall would give a modern, organic feel to a living room.  With such thoughts, I will leave you to ponder on the glories of green things and to plot how to surround yourself with plants in the remaining weeks of winter.

Blessings to you,


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