Gift #780: Sun and Sky

“Come let us go a-walking” said Sky one day to Sun                                                                And they both set off together on a planetary run                                                             

Romance soon took hold and they were never seen apart                                                        All creation blossomed in a radiance of heart                                                                   

Flowers turned up their faces; birds learned how to sigh                                              Humans marked time’s passing as they watched Sun dance with Sky

Sun would chase away the darkness, painting scenes of wonderment                                     In return, sweet Sky would give her kisses of the wind

When Sun was dim and weary, Sky would tuck her safe in bed                                           With blankets of pink and gold pulled o’er her tired head

Then in the early morning, Sky would lean in close and say                                                      “Arise my Love and come! Let us do it all again!”

-Sarah Raines, 2015

image image

May the promise of spring, blue sky, and warm sun bring you joy today.

Blessings to you,


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