Gift #781: Winter retreat

About this time every year I reach official “Stir-crazy” status and must find relief in a weekend trip.  Last year, it was a trip to Cinci.  This year I went to Spring Mill State Park for a winter vacation with my parents.  It’s my favorite place, and although I’ve not seen all of my state, I’m sure it is also the most beautiful.  I thought it would be a perfect winter get-away so arrangements were made last fall and I eagerly waited for our trip.  Spring Mill was perfect.  Carpeted in fresh snow, it made for blissfully peaceful surroundings.

image image

We watched it start snowing Friday evening whilst ensconced in the Inn.  And it snowed, and snowed…. Saturday morning saw a world reborn under 5″ of snow.  And still it drifted down in large, fluffy flakes.  All thoughts of hiking completely eroded at this point; my family enjoyed driving around the park and quick jaunts to some favorite places that were nearby.  My mom and I spent Saturday afternoon knitting away in the lobby.  A good part of Sunday morning was spent in similar capacity.  There’s a huge gas fireplace, which is a great place to draw up rocking chairs and enjoy a warm beverage.


It was a wonderful, relaxing time.  The dreary monotonous landscape of winter was transformed into a wonderland.  It was like being in Narnia – we even had lampposts!

image image image

I’ll share more pictures in the days to come.

Blessings to you,



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