Gift #783: Winter Birds

About a year and half ago my beloved Canon Elph camera ceased functioning and I was rather heartbroken about it.  Since then I’ve mostly relied on my ipad, but I have wanted to replace my camera so as to take better wildlife photos.   After some conversation with a blog friend, I settled on one and it arrived minutes before I left for Spring Mill.   I was really happy it came because there was lots of bird activity and I took quite a few pictures.  I’ve whittled them down to the highlights so you can share in the action.

One of the benefits of winter is that it’s easier to see birds roosting in the trees.


This dove was sitting outside the dining room one morning during breakfast.  They keep feeders out below the windows which attracts a goodly number of hopeful visitors.  It is delightful to get a table near the window so you can see them while you eat.


On the first drive we embarked on Saturday morning, it was super foggy and started snowing again.  We crossed over the lake and mist was rising over the water.  Flocks of geese were crossing over and a large water bird was looking for some breakfast.  It may be a crane.  I like the way the tree trunks are reflected in the lake.


One of my favorite moments on the trip was when we came upon a flock of robins in some berry bushes.  They were furiously beating their wings and trying to eat all the berries they could find.  Then some were busy conducting a “leaf dance” where they fling dried leaves up in the air.  Others were busy playing chase.  I was able to snap this photo of one resting in the trees overhead.


These crows were definitely up to no good.  They were cawing and calling to each other.  When I took this picture, one had just flown over to the other and I’m willing to bet they were planning a practical joke on some unsuspecting geese.


I think this is my favorite photo.  I had tried all weekend to get a picture of a cardinal and most of my attempts had come out blurry.  This handsome male stopped by for a visit during the last drive through of the park.  I love the way his bright red plumage contrasts so brilliantly against the grey tree trunk and withered leaves.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of these beautiful flying jewels.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #783: Winter Birds

  1. These are wonderful, Sarah! I agree that your cardinal photo is very special. I really like the crows, too. Great contrast! How do you like your little Nikon after using it a bit? Looks cold there! Best wishes, WG

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