Gift #786: Happy March

“Walking in a winter wonderland”…  wait, that’s wrong isn’t it?  It’s March, not December?  Well, someone forgot to tell winter.


We went to sleep in a snowy February and awoke to a snowy March.  So much snow!  I didn’t get out all day, except for the time spent digging out.  We already had several inches, and received 8-9″ Sat and Sunday.  So in some places now we have over a foot.


The hydrangea said she has enough snow.  It was lovely to be homebound and just watch the fluffy snow come falling down.  Such a day calls for hot chocolate, popcorn, movie, and a crackling fire.  I don’t often have a full day at home, so I did lots of crafting – making cards and working on some new jewelry pieces.  And knitting.  A fair bit of time was spent staring out the window, taking pictures, and marveling at the beauty of fresh snowfall.

Precious are the moments that cause us to slow down and appreciate the gifts that God surrounds us with in His love.


Blessings to you,




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