Gift #791: Knitting Crisis and other Lessons

I hope that you will excuse my blogging absence for the past several days.  I was having a mid-knit crisis.  As in the case with a mid-life crisis, a mid-knit crisis arises when one takes stock of the passing of time and realizes that one’s goals are not being met.  Unlike a mid-life crisis, a mid-knit crisis is not ameliorated by buying a new sports car, and I suppose that’s a good thing.  Sometimes knitters will buy more yarn thinking that planning a new project will spur them on to finish the projects that created their crisis in the first place.  I’m happy to report I avoided that temptation and have been focusing energy on my existing projects.  A brief look at what’s on the needles will reveal the source of the crisis.


The pile of blue fluff is the project with the tightest deadline and I’m happy to report that I remained on schedule – it was pinned to the blocking board at midnight last night.  I had started it back in January and my March 14th deadline was looming fast and furious.  Now that it is off the needles, I have a new lace project waiting to go on.  This is for a knit-a-long that I’m three weeks behind on already!  There was a delay with receiving my yarn and it finally came this week so I need to get busy.   The green blob behind the blue fluff is the beginnings of a spring leafy sweater.  I started this project when I went to Spring Mill so that I could have pleasant memories of knitting my sweater in a place dear to my heart.  I would like to have it finished by the first of April for an online knit group that Im part of.  I’ve only knit about 6″ on it, so there’s quite a bit of work to be done for it to be submitted in just half a month!  The mitts are coming along quickly, which is good because those also need to be finished by the end of the month (preferably sooner).  They were February’s project of the month from my local knit store (Nomad Yarns) and we have till the end of March to complete them and get the March project at a discount.  I’d like to knit that one too, so I need to get the mitts wrapped up.  Fortunately they’re a quick knit and I’ve put about 25 more rounds on the second one since this picture was taken.  In the back is the second half of a hood, also from Nomad.  This knitting adventure was initiated in a moment of weakness when I saw a knitting friend making the same pattern and was persuaded to join her.  I love the yarn – it looks very woodsy and is fun to work with.   It’s my only knit without a deadline so unfortunately it’s been pushed to the back of the cue.

And I call this a crisis, but mainly in jest, because I love having multiple projects to work on and I love knitting.  I feel guilty oftentimes about how much I enjoy knitting and my other creative hobbies and this has instigated another crisis of sorts.  I wonder if my time might be better spent doing other things and I don’t want my hobbies to become idols that distract me from seeking God’s face.   But then I remember that He gave me these talents and desires to create.  And instead of feeling guilty about what He has gifted me with, it is more appropriate to thank Him for what He has given me, delight in His gifts, and use them to create beauty and be a blessing.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with creativity and joy.

Blessings to you,


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