Gift #794: Bluebird at my window

For the past few days the thrill of birdsong fills the air in the mornings.  When I leave for work, their sweet voices are murmuring “good mornings” and even though I rarely spy them, I take great comfort in their singing.  It is lovely to hear it again and it makes me almost cry with pleasure.  The sound of birds is among the most beautiful music in the world.  I think it is all the more alluring because it isn’t created by man.  No one but God teaches the birds to sing, and their music is familiar, but otherworldly at the same time.  Its sound reminds the heart of something…. something like feelings of a pleasant memory you can’t fully remember.  To hear creation singing reminds us that the world is so much greater than our own life and perspective.  We share our lives with creatures that flit about the edges of our perception, so beautiful and miraculous that they take our breath away when we focus our attention on them.


Today I caught sight of some of the musicians that have been serenading our neighborhood.  We had a lot of bird activity.  Perhaps they are flying about the forest selecting their nesting sites.  That’s a happy thought.  I happened to look up at a flash of blue and noticed that there were two bluebirds flitting about the backyard.  I was able to get my camera before they flew off and take a few pictures through the window.


I was able to snatch the obligatory pose of the bird’s backside.  (That seems to be their preferred posture)  We usually have a couple of bluebirds that take up residence along the edges of the forest and we see them about frequently in the spring, so I hope these stay.  It was exciting to see them for the first time this season.


“As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness”    – Shirl Brunnel, I Hear Bluebirds, 1984

Blessings to you,



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1 Response to Gift #794: Bluebird at my window

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Such a beautiful bird and their song, a cheerful ode to spring!

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