Black and White Challenge Day 3

From the trunks of trees, let your eyes travel upward and gaze upon their magnificent spread of limbs.


Trees always seemed to me to be living sculptures, carved from breathing wood, a trunk splintered into a thousand branchy shards.  Each tree has a different silhouette, a unique patterning of limb.  But trees are not static creatures; the tree you see today will not be the tree you behold tomorrow.  Always the tree is taking in cues from the environment, weighing its surroundings.  Limbs grow thicker, longer, entwine around each other, fork into smaller twigs.


Against a bright blue sky, the expanse of trees reaching out to sun is striking in its contrast.  On a cloudy gray morning, the branches can look like fissures of ice along a river as limbs slice through cloud and fog.  In color or in black and white, trees offer a dramatic portrait of life in slow motion.


Stop by Forest Garden to see her lovely photos.  She has invited Breezes at Dawn  to join the challenge and I’m sure you’ll appreciate her marvelous photography too.  And feel free to join in the fun if you feel inspired.

Blessings to you,

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8 Responses to Black and White Challenge Day 3

  1. Gorgeous photos ! What a beautiful description of trees you’ve given 😉 I love what you are doing with this challenge ❤

    • Thank you for the kind comments! I was nervous at first b/c I’ve not done this sort of thing, but it’s been good to challenge myself and I’ve really enjoyed seeing how everyone has interpreted it with a different spin. I hope you are enjoying more spring weather. Blessings, Sarah

      • Thank you, Sarah. I love seeing the world through other’s eyes in their photos to begin with- seeing how everyone responds to this challenge is just endlessly fascinating 😉 It was warm enough to work outside all afternoon- but we have freezing weather coming Saturday night. We are all just bracing, knowing the next few days won’t be kind. But the daffodils are lovely now 😉

  2. Robin says:

    I love your description of trees, and your photos are beautiful. Thank you so much for the mention. 🙂

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  4. Lovely photos, Sarah, and such beautiful descriptions of how they continually change. Thank you for the link back. I’m enjoying your photos, and appreciate so much that you accepted the invitation 😉 Giant hugs ❤ Elizabeth

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