Black and White Challenge Day 4

After we’ve explored the trunks of trees and wandered up their limbs, we’ll now explore leaves.  I must confess that leaves are in short supply right now.  I did find these Heuchera leaves in the garden.  Last year’s growth is a bit frost-burned on the edges, but new baby leaves are growing up to take their place.  The leaves are a dusty gray/green color with purple overtones .  Their intricate veining gives interest to a black and white version.

image This succulent was made to pose for black and white photography.  I found this beauty in the greenhouse at the Art Museum’s garden.  I love succulents and will have a separate blog post about them coming soon.  The thick leaves and tiny hairs help the plant retain moisture, but they also provide amazing texture that is perfectly captured in black and white.


The following pictures were taken this fall at Spring Mill State Park when leaves were abundant and the world was covered in gold and crimson.  I decided to see how some of my pictures would look without color and was pleasantly surprised by the results.  Details that are eclipsed in color photography really stand out.  For example, you can see mold is starting to claim this spray of oak leaves that have fallen.


Sunset light filtering through the forest hit these leaves just right and illuminated the beautiful venation.

image This is my favorite photo.  The sun lit up this spray of ferns by the side of the trail.  Tiny leaves with marbled variation in color daintily flutter in the glow of autumn light.


When you spend time with leaves, it is easy to see each leaf’s individuality.  Focusing on the attributes of a leaf – its color, texture, venation, shape – give an appreciation for the unending variations to be seen in nature.  Any preconceptions you might have about leaves being all the same are immediately swept away.  The closer you look at the details in creation, the more miracles you see.

Don’t forget to visit Forest Garden for her 5th day in the challenge!

Blessings to you,


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3 Responses to Black and White Challenge Day 4

  1. Robin says:

    These are all so beautiful. You’re right about the succulent. It seems to like black & white. 🙂

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful leaves, Sarah. My favorites are the fern and succulent. I have one of those Kalanchoe succulents that is blooming right now, maybe I should post a pic of it, it’s green throated with chocolate-brown edges.

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