Black and White Challenge Day 5

Well, it’s the final day of the challenge.  I was intimidated about joining in when I received the invitation because I hadn’t done anything like this before, but I’ve really enjoyed it and am rather sad that it’s ending already.  It’s given a fresh perspective to my photography and taught me more about the art (and believe me, I need all the help I can get!)  For the last day I thought I would examine how a few of my favorite things  look in black and white.  No, I don’t mean brown paper packages tied up with string.  I’m thinking of the gifts of the forest.  These photos were all taken at Spring Mill State Park this past fall.  It is my most loved place in Indiana to visit because there are miles and miles of forest to walk through.  The oldest trees in the state live here and they have stories to tell!


The forest never fails to inspire with its beauty.  Although truth be told, I have to make an effort to look up at the trees because I’m usually looking at the forest floor.  Treasures a’plenty can be found here.  Mushrooms are among the most precious prizes.


Turkey tail is a common finding on tree trunks.


Ferns grow from decaying tree trunks as well.  They are spectacular subjects to photograph – brilliant green standing out against dark, damp wood heavy with the smell of rot and live entwined.


The southern part of the state is heavy with limestone.  Consequently, there are many caves and outcroppings of exposed, weathered stone.  Moss and little plants eagerly grown in any crevice of rock they can find.

image image

And finally, the forest’s equivalent of gold doubloons… acorns.  I’m incapable of walking past them without stopping to pick them up or photograph them.  It makes for some long walks, but we are so blessed to have many nut trees and a variety of acorns to delight us.  A post on my obsession with acorns can be found here.

image image I hope you have enjoyed the walks through nature in black and white with me.  It’s been an exciting adventure, and most satisfying to see how beautiful natural objects can be in the absence of color.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to view your own ordinary miracles in black and white too.

Blessings to you,


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3 Responses to Black and White Challenge Day 5

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, so lovely, Sarah! Hope we’ll be seeing more BW in the future. It’s nice to mix it up once in a while!

  2. Beautiful photos, Sarah 😉 I love you these photos have transposed into black and white. You have found wonderful treasures- especially the tiny ferns. What a wonderful place to have close by. There is such a soft feel to your photos, like the softness of the limestone hosting these tender plants. Blessings to you 😉 WG

  3. Thank you for such kind comments WG! They mean a lot to me. Yes, I’m very blessed to have beautiful parks nearby to enjoy. I love being surrounded by trees. I hope you are having a restful weekend. Blessings, Sarah

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