Gift #806: Spring walk in the woods

Yesterday I went on my first official spring hike of the season!  We finally had a weekend that was sunny and moderate temperatures, so I packed a lunch, put on my walking shoes, and headed out with my mom to enjoy the forest for a few hours.  We went to Eagle Creek, my favorite near-by park to see how spring was clothing the woodlands.


Spring is taking its time to come this year.  No riotous abandon of color and growth; this season is a slow, savoring type of spring.  Each day brings something new to delight in, but changes are small and you have to be watching to see them.  Our garden plants are making good progress, but in the woods spring was just starting to take form.  Most of the trees are still bare, but green is starting to seep through in the undergrowth.  It’s fascinating to me how spring always occurs from the ground up.

image image

These delightful fairy umbrellas are called mayapples.  They are one of my great favorites of early spring and they cover the forest floors in our region.  They may have their own post in the near future.  I was thrilled to see they were starting to emerge.


It’s lovely to watch the forest slowly painted green again.  I hope that you’ve also been able to enjoy the miracle of life and appreciate green things this weekend.

Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #806: Spring walk in the woods

  1. Mayapples! Beautiful ! So glad you and your Mom enjoyed the day 🙂

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    A walk in the woods is lovely any time of the year, but is particularly magical in spring. What a lovely day it was!

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