Gift #808: Spring wildflowers

There’s something so rejuvenating about being in the forest at the beginning of spring.  Of course, the woods are a wonderful place year-round, but it’s a special kind of atmosphere when the world around you is on the cusp of spring.


There’s an air of expectation as life seeps back into the plants and spills over into new leaves and flowers.  Moss turns vibrant green and carpets the floor again, providing a soft cover for the new plants and tender flowers that sprout up.



Finding the first wildflowers of the year is like a treasure and each tender blossom is a jewel glistening against the green of new leaves and the brown of spent ones.   These tiny pink flowers dotted the trails and forest floor with sparkling brilliance.



The first of the trillium has come up to.  They haven’t bloomed yet, but wait with anticipation.  Sometimes spring is an exercise in patience; in savoring the process as well as the outcome.


And sometimes you can find joy in the most ordinary of circumstances, and whimsy in the most unexpected of places…. like a tree trunk.  Is that a fairy door perhaps?

Blessings to you,


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