Gift #816: April Artist Feature

It’s time for our monthly artist appreciation feature!  Marjolein Bastin loves painting spring scenes.  I’m of the secret suspicion that spring is her favorite season.  Her books and prints are full of flowers, birds, and butterflies.  And thankfully the outdoors here are beginning to resemble her paintings.


We’ll start with this lovely still life of a vase resplendent with flowers.  Daisies, poppies, larkspur, thistles, queen anne’s lace – all sorts of wildflowers are magnets for the little butterflies that drift over them.  I’m especially fond of the snail and shells scattered about.  To be truthful, these flowers won’t be around until June where I live, but it heightens the anticipation for the season of flowers.


I like the perspective in this painting.  Instead of the usual head-on shot, this one appears to be positioned at ground level looking up.  This is a creative and useful pose for taking photos of wildflowers – I use it quite regularly.  In fact,  a few summers ago in Colorado I took a nearly identical photo in a mountain meadow a-bloom with irises.  As in this painting, birds were flying about.  Barn swallows are among my favorite birds and there are many that can be found in the meadows at Eagle Creek.  They are amazing acrobats.


Now this is a sight that is close to home.   There are lots of little bunnies in the neighborhood.  For living so close to people, they are very shy and skittish.  Typically you see their back feet and a posterior view as they’re kicking up their heels in a retreat.  Not too long ago I startled a little one resting in the front yard (and I expect nibbling dandelions).

image This lush watercolor is my favorite from the April offerings.  Mother and Daddy bird are conducting a pretty intensive feeding session with their five chicks.  We can all imagine what a demanding job that would be!  It looks like these little birds are getting a healthy meal of insects (they’re high in protein).  The peony bushes are so beautiful.  All of the peonies from last year have foliage and some have little buds!  I hope they bloom this year.  Can you spot the snail in this photo?

I hope scenes of spring are a source of enjoyment for you this week.

Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #816: April Artist Feature

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    MB is one of my favorite artists as well. She captures the best of nature in her paintings. I just sent one of her birthday cards to a friend only yesterday!

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