Gift #817: Butterfly Garden

As we come to the close of the month, it’s time to share my calendar artwork and the subsequent jewelry it inspired.  I’ve entitled it Butterfly Garden.  Painted by Vikki Chu, April’s painting features a large butterfly set against horizontal rows of vines and flowers.  It’s quite a graphic, linear piece.


As I spent time looking at the painting and thinking about the jewelry I’d design, I found myself wondering what it would be like to live in a butterfly’s garden.

If I lived in a butterfly garden                                                                                                       How I could while away the hours                                                                                           Having tea among the flowers                                                                                                     With stems as tall as towers                                                                                                   Swirling and twirling with petals all around

If I lived in a butterfly garden                                                                                                 T’would be a lovely thing                                                                                                     Especially in the height of spring                                                                                   Anticipating joys the days will bring                                                                                  Twirling and whirling in a riot of color

If I lived in a butterfly garden                                                                                                          I’d ride the wings of butterflies                                                                                               Soaring and racing up into the sky                                                                                       Slipping down to the earth with a sigh                                                                               Whirling and curling in acrobat style

If I lived in a butterfly garden                                                                                               Questions a-plenty I’d ponder                                                                                                     What makes a wing, a petal, a feather?                                                                                 Simple, small things fill the heart with wonder                                                                       Then curling and unfurling my wings with a flourish 

        … I would fly away with them

 I knew for the necklace that I wanted to use a butterfly piece from my collection and some large flowers.


I painted the flower petals with nailpolish to get an enamel finish.  A cluster of flowers sit together, enhanced by aqua crystals to bring out the foliage colors in the painting.  A butterfly flutters nearby and a silver floral clasp balances the asymmetrical design.  I added in two glass aqua flowers head to head for a bit more color.  I had initially designed the necklace as a choker with all the flowers in a row, but that looked to plain.  So I rearranged the flowers and incorporated a floral branch to give some interest.  Plus, the branch ties in with the painting quite nicely.  It’s embellished with more aqua glass beads and a tiny butterfly painted and weathered with nail polish.


The earrings were quick and easy to make, using leftover glass beads to create dangles from which hangs a tiny butterfly.  The ensemble is a personal butterfly garden to enjoy during spring.


Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #817: Butterfly Garden

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful poem and jewelry – they are lovely, Sarah!

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