Gift #818: May Flowers

I guess the old adage is true – May does bring flowers.  We’ve had a lovely parade of trees blooming – it is now the crabapples’ turn to shine.   Many perennials are putting out shoots and blooms and garden centers have gotten in flowers and veggies!  Yay!


You could tell a distinct difference in the feel of life today.  Everything felt greener, more vibrant, more spring than it has been.  I’m convinced that many of the trees that had been dawdling about producing leaves this year suddenly decided to go for it and popped out a green canopy overnight.  One of the blessings about living near a forest is that you can see distinct changes from day-to-day in the trees.  It’s been fun to watch green creep back into the forest, but now it’s more a more aggressive timeline and it’s starting to thicken up.


The crabapples are really doing a number this year.  Their branches are just covered in blossoms!  I was afraid that some freezing temps over the past few weeks might have damaged them, but they look great.  All over town, trees are covered in snow white and bright pink flowers, just like living fountains.  There are a couple in the courtyard at work that I get to admire every morning on the way in.


These pictures are our resident weeping crabapple.  I feel a close kinship with her because she always starts to bloom around the time of my birthday.  The flowers are beginning to fade to pale pink, but they are still a beautiful sight for the eyes.


Blessings to you,


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