Gift #820: Garden Trip

Know you what today is?  (That’s in my best Yoda impersonation).  Yep, today is Star Wars day.  To be truthful I didn’t even know we had a Star Wars day.  Why is today the given day of celebration?  After a bit of thinking I arrived at the answer..  “May the 4th”… it’s with us.  Someone was quite clever.  Although the date was rather asking for it.  To commemorate the day, I’m watching Return of the Jedi right now.  I’d been aware of Sherlock day (2/21), Harry Potter’s b-day (7/31), and Mad Hatter Day (10/6 –  my favorite of the non Halmark-sanctioned cultural holidays) and now There’s another to add to the list!  So to all the sci-fi and fantasy gurus, Happy Star Wars Day.

But that’s not what today’s post is about.  This past weekend I made my annual pilgrimage to Walmart (that’s right, I go 1 time a year) because it’s finally time to plant flowers!  We typically wait till about Mother’s Day time to plant anything because our Midwest region is notoriously fond of practical jokes on gardeners, like late-freezes for instance.  It’s rather hard to wait after several tantalizingly warm days in the 60-70s, but then there’s that random cold snap that drops you back 15 degrees and you wake up with frost on the ground.  Despite Walmart’s reputation, they do have very hardy plants so I like to stock up on annuals and some veggies.  My herbs I’ll get later, but since they had cilantro this weekend, I picked that up too.  For some reason that’s a hard one to find.  (And I have to grow enough for myself and the squirrels, who fancy a taste of cilantro to spice up their walnuts).


It was wonderful to see tables and tables full of happy, bright flowers.  They have a great selection of superbells (Calibrachoa) which are used to fill up the deck planters.  These are great flowers – they bloom all summer long, are low maintenance, and attract tons of butterflies, bees, and hummingbird moths.


They come in lots of great colors too and you can also get candy-striped ones.  This year they had yellow and white striped superbells.  One might have jumped in the basket to come home.  I can’t confirm or deny such rumors.  There will be several other upcoming trips to other nurseries in the area to purchase herbs, some additional flowers for extra pots, and a couple tomatoes.  Lots of happy times to come!


So maybe it would be more appropriate to say “May the flowers be with you” today.

Blessings to you,



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2 Responses to Gift #820: Garden Trip

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    May the flowers be with you as well! 😉 I bought hot pink calibrochoas this weekend from our local nurseryman for my deck hangers. I agree, they are awesome plants. The hummingbirds love them. I always get pink or red just for them.

  2. Gorgeous! So happy you are able to plant your summerror flowers ! What a fun time of year 🙂

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