Gift #821: Surprise on a walk

Last week while taking a walk in the neighborhood, my attention was drawn to a wad of dried weeds laying dejected at the base of a tree.  I stopped to examine it, thinking it might be something exciting.  As I got closer it did just look like weeds and I was a little disappointed.  But I turned it over and was delighted to find it was indeed a bird nest!   We had a lot of wind storms during that week and it seemed likely that the nest had been blown from its hiding place up in the trees.  It was an old nest, and likely not in use, so I didn’t feel too bad about it and promptly picked up my new-found treasure.  It did feel a little odd to walk around the rest of the neighborhood holding a mass of mud and weeds.  I tried to act like it was completely normal when I met others walking.  I was self-conscious but I was also concerned that someone would make me return it.  Fortunately no one questioned my roaming about the neighborhood with an old nest.  The beautiful thing is now at home tucked up into a corner of the bench on the deck.


The little ferny leaf was also picked from the walk.  There’s a bit of wildness in the middle of the neighborhood and there are lots of little ferns and green things creeping up to delight the eyes.  The frond is being pressed in a book right now.  And I’ve started finding feathers at work this week.  It was one of the happiest moments of yesterday when I walked through the courtyard and spied a gray feather at my feet.  I found another today.  It seems like the birds have started nesting now in the trees.  I look forward to finding their little gifts so much and I keep each of them in my collection at home.


Hope you all are enjoying a lovely week appreciating the miracles of spring.

Blessings to you,


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