Gift #825: Wild Columbines

A couple of late nights about town is all it takes to get thrown off the blog bandwagon it would seem.  Hopefully we’ll get back on track here as there are always gifts to be thankful for.  Today we had lots of rain and it made me so grateful that the weather was good last weekend when there was hiking and exploring to do at Spring Mill.  One of the late afternoon romps was a brief 1-mile walk about the lake.  It’s a pleasant jaunt through mostly forested areas with a nice view over the water and often you can find cranes, geese, and ducks getting a quick snack.  On the far north side of the lake the trail starts to border some of the more dramatic hills and dense forest areas.  There are large limestone outcroppings that look like they are the remains of a rock fight among giants, and the trees spring up all around them.  Little plants and mosses grow in all the cracks and crevices of these large boulders.  The landscape reminded me very much of mountain hikes in Colorado where granite outcroppings are scattered everywhere among the pines.


And just when my subconscious started to wonder if I was really in Indiana anymore, I saw them…  wild columbines!  Our state flower of Colorado was out here growing in the forests of Indiana!!


What an unexpected gift to see their happy faces and be reminded of my beloved home state.  It is a wonderful comfort to know the same plants bridge my heart between my two homes.  I’d not ever seen them outside of gardens here.   There’s not much suitable habitat for them where I live – but down south they were flourishing in the rocky soil and limestone boulders.  And they are quite remarkable flowers for they can grow right out of the rocks!!


Stems so tender they can be plucked with ease, flowers like tissue; but their roots taste the lifeblood of rocks and pry pure stone apart to absorb the mineral nutrients.  The very picture of fragile strength in action.


Blessings to you,




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1 Response to Gift #825: Wild Columbines

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Gorgeous flowers – I love these columbine!

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