Gift #826: Dusting Candles

I’m reading a book for my quiet evening time with God entitled God Never Blinks by Regina Brett.  I found it a few years ago at the library and loved it.  I received my own copy as a gift and decided that now would be a good time to revisit it (I think I’m on my third reading).  The book developed from a list of 50 life lessons the authoress had compiled in celebration of her 50th birthday.  They are inspirational, thoughtful essays designed to open your eyes to grace and live a full life.


Today’s reading was called “Don’t Dust your Candles.”  Huh?  Does anyone dust?  Are we supposed to do that?  She says for years and years she received scented candles that she loved but never burned, because once they were burned, they were gone.  So she carefully dusted them until they grew so old they lost their scent or melted away in the heat of the sun or were otherwise wasted.  This essay hit a little too close to home – I’m one to save (perhaps even hoard) but not experience.  I don’t want to knit with my favorite skein because once I use it, it’s gone.. and what if I don’t like the finished object or I mess it up?  Same with the really pretty beads or scrapbooking papers.  I’ll spare you the long list of examples, but let’s just say that I tend to prolong the anticipated pleasure of something without ever experiencing the actual thing.  I have my own collection of “candles, lotions, or whatever” that has been wasted instead of enjoyed.


This is something that God has been convicting me about – clutching and saving what gifts are brought to my life instead of enjoying and sharing them.  But that is where joy is found – not in simply having something, but enjoying and using it.  Do I really believe that the only blessings God has for me are the ones I have right now?  Most of the time I act like that even though His word promises His presence and joy for all eternity.


So today I’m challenged, and I’ll challenge you too, to experience life and enjoy it.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Take a long walk, plant flowers wear the nice dress, light the candles, stare at the moon, tell your family that they are loved, read that book, watch your favorite movie, give thanks, laugh out loud.


And remember that life is meant to be savored, not saved.


PS.  I used the scented lotion tonight!

Blessings to you,


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