Gift #827: Pioneer Village in Spring

Today I thought I’d share some pictures of Spring Mill’s Pioneer Village in all its springtime glory.  This was my first time to see it all green and leafy and the weathered wood was striking against the bright foliage of the trees.  The most iconic building is the grist mill.  This is the back side, which I like because of the tree that grows right up next to the building.


Here’s the front side, with the imposing large water wheel, which powers the corn mill inside.  If you’ve happened to stop by at the top of the hour during peak visitor season, you can watch them start the wheel and grind corn, which is available for purchase at the mercantile.  The upper levels of the mill have been converted to a museum.


The water that powers the mill originates from a natural spring in the caves above.  A quick jaunt up a steep trail will take you to Hammer cave.  On this trip, the trail was fair dripping with moss and ferns and was very beautiful.  They’ve dammed up the spring and the water travels to the mill via a wood flume across the cave and down to the water wheel.   The rest of the water travels through the park as a meandering river.  On this visit dogs and kids were having fun playing in the cool water.


And here are two of my favorite buildings – the Mercantile and the Apothecary.  I like the Apothecary because they have dried herbs in a wonderful collection of glass jars behind the counter.


At the Mercantile you can buy knick-knack souvenirs which were made by craftsmen at the park, period reproductions, and old-fashioned candy.  It was here that I bought a special reminder of the park.  Can you guess??


Yep… yarn!!  100% wool handspun on location at the village.  I bought one hank of a nutty brown with gray overtones – about 200 yards – enough for a textured cowl.  There was also a deep green, brown, burgundy yarn; the color fluctuated depending on the light.  It looked like the forest spun into wool.  So two skeins of that now reside in my stash with dreams of a shawl that perhaps will be worn on my next visit when the air turns chill.


Blessings to you,


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