Gift #828: Coral Bells

I’ve been going to quite a few garden centers recently, enjoying a world full of green living things again.  While obviously flowers are great, I really like looking at plants with interesting foliage best.  And my favorite of those are coral bells.  (These are probably my favorite plants, right behind hellebores.  And, bonus, they look great together!).  I adore everything about coral bells – they have amazing foliage with incredible veination and they come in a variety of beautiful, mottled shades.  I never tire of looking at them.

They range from vivid lime green – and just look at that dramatic burgundy veination!

image To subtle shades of olive and mauve

image To deep forest green and purple


And every shade in between.  Yes, you can even find them in tones of pink/purple/wine with grey veins.  Love these!


With such showy foliage, the flowers are delicate and somewhat understated.  Tiny pink/white buds arise on slender stalks from the plants in early spring and give a tiny splash of contrasting color against the leaves.   Yes, I think every garden should be full of these amazing wonders.


And I’m not the only one who admires them.  Apparently a discriminating bird decided to make her nest nearby the coral bells at the nursery so she could enjoy the beautiful plants too!


Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #828: Coral Bells

  1. Gorgeous photos ! I love these too, and I often plant them in pots. Such easy beauty to grow .

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