Gift #830: On the needles

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and that you are staying safe and dry if you’re in an area that’s experiencing the heavy rains and floods.  My neck of the woods has had beautiful weather, and I’ve felt a little guilty about enjoying the sun and warm weather while others are enduring harsh storms.  We’ll be getting that rain starting tomorrow and through the coming week.  This weekend has been full of outside activities and crafting.  Yesterday my mom and I went on a day trip to Columbus, IN.   We visited some knitting stores there and both of us were bit with a “green yarn bug”.  Warning – these are very contagious.   They cause intense delirious hallucinations and are accompanied by loss of self-control, in which the afflicted buys lots and lots of green yarn, believing it can all be knit up in a matter of weeks, and attempting to cast on four projects before the day is out.  Critical thinking skills and reasoning powers are weakened – you simply cannot tell someone with the “green yarn bug” that the green yarn they’re holding is very similar to the yarn they just bought at the other store.  They’ll look at you strangely and ask “Are you blind??  This olive-green yarn is toned with peach, brown colors and the olive-green yarn I just bought has more gray!!”.  The sickness is worse in cases when knit stores are having sales.  It’s best in such situations to let the person alone, reveling in their knitting joy as they plan twelve projects in their precious green yarn – none of which will be similar.   So that pretty much tells you how things went down yesterday.  I’m not recovered either.  We also found some amazing garden centers there, and that did nothing to stem the green frenzy.   Armed with green yarn, herbs, and flowers – it was definitely a green sort of day.

Well such an experience reminded me that it’s been a long while since I’ve shared any knitting adventures with you.  And I think that if I “go public” with my projects, I might be suitably encouraged to finish at least one of them before a new project goes on the needles.  We’ll start in chronological order – oh, and you might want to get a cup of tea or coffee, it’s starting to look like a long post.

First up is the Snow Queen Shawl.  This is my knit-along project from Unique Sheep.  It started back in February and since Once Upon a Time had just wrapped up their storyline with Snow Queen, it was suitable timely.


I had a bit of difficulty with my yarn and started a couple of weeks late.  The knit along has long since wrapped up, but these epic projects usually take me several months.  I figured I’d be knitting on this till June.   It’s been a great project, no knitting disasters (oh, I hope I haven’t jinxed myself) and the end is in sight.  I’ve loved every moment of this project.


Next project up is the Pi Shawl, pictured above.  My history with this project is getting  so muddled, I’m not even sure when I started it.  Originally it was the March project of the month from my local knitting store.  This was nicely planned to correlate with pi day, which was celebrated on 3/14. I know I must have started sometime shortly after and I had every intention of wrapping the thing up by the end of April.  Apparently my subconscious felt that I loved knitting this so much that I started sabotaging it so the knitting experience wouldn’t end.  There’ve been several… what we’ll politely call “incidents”…. that have me believing I’ll be knitting this until the next decade.  But I still like it.


Sometime in April I started knitting a baby sweater for a family friend who is due in July.  Pictured above is the finished back and left front, and a picture of the pattern so you can see what the amorphous knitted pieces will become.  I have the right front and sleeves to do, seaming the pieces, and finishing the color and button bands.  This project was kind of in hibernation because, you know, July won’t come for another two years in my mind.  Then I found out that her due date has been moved to June 18th!  Yipes -that’s a lot more imminent! So it’s been returned to priority list.  Especially in view of the fact that I planned for a hat and booties to match.

image This project is my special one, which I dearly want to knit on.  I started it on my May weekend in Spring Mill so I could have memories of it being knitted in my beloved park.   The pattern is called Hanging Leaves and features a crescent shawl with amazing knitted border of leaves dripping off the edges.  The yarn for the project was a birthday present – the yarn in the picture is a beautiful blend of wool, silk, linen, and alpaca and it’s a mottled burgundy, brown, gray color that just entrances me everytime I look at it.  It’s sadly been put on the back burner until I get projects 1-3 above under control.

image This last project (yes, there is an end) doesn’t really count for me because it’s my work knitting.  I knit every day at lunch for a few minutes to preserve my sanity.  This scarf is small and portable with an easy lace pattern, so it’s perfect.  It’s going to be a gift for a co-worker who recently lost her mother to a long-fought illness.  I hope to finish it before the summer is out.

So, if you’re still with me, thanks for hanging in there for the full tour.  Hopefully next month I’ll be able to show you the finished, blocked projects and they’ll be new ones that have taken up residence on the needles.  I have so many projects I want to start that I can’t wait!

Blessings to you,


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