Gift #835: Peonies

Happy June to you all!  I’ve been reviewing my posts and note that there’s an astonishing lack of floral pictures recently.  We’ll be remedying that today.  There’s lots to share from the garden now that we’re moving into peak season for flowers.  One of the delights from the garden I’m most excited about are the peonies.  They were bought and planted last year, but they did not bloom.  Some had buds on them when they were purchased, but the buds stayed closed and as summer melted into fall, I was disappointed to not see any flowers from them.  We had another super cold winter and it took a very long time, but finally little shoots emerged.  Tiny signs of growth became 2-3″ stems.  Stems started to produce leaves.  And then suddenly we went from shoots to shrub!  It amazes me that peonies die back to the root each fall/winter and then reemerge and create all this new growth in a matter of weeks!  They’re incredible plants!  They were full and lush and I waited (I’d like to say patiently, but you know that’s not the case) and in April I saw sure signs of little swelling buds.


A couple more weeks went by and finally the buds started slowly opening.  Oh, hallelujah!  All the peonies are covered in blooms now.  Huge, glorious, fluffy, sweet blooms.  It’s like they’re covered in cloudpuffs from heaven.


Some of the blooms are now in the kitchen where I routinely have buried my nose in them every time I walk by.  One of the cut stems is opening and I love how the outer petals are folded back while the inner bud is still tight.

image And here are the Sarah Bernhart peonies.  Their floral display was well worth waiting for.  They’re about to peak, but here they are thinking about opening their buds and being reassured by the warm breezes.

image image

Aren’t they just lovely?  Peonies are some of my favorite garden flowers and I’m delighted to be enjoying their blooms this spring.

Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #835: Peonies

  1. These are gorgeous ! You have chosen one of my favorite Peonies , too . Did you consider linking to Cathy’so Vase on Monday post ? So pretty 😊

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely! My peonies are slow coming…can’t wait to soon dip my nose into my own vase of them!

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