Gift #837: Fiber Festival and Lunch

This year I had the opportunity to visit Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival for the first time.  Because this weekend was busy with family commitments, I took a day of vacation on Friday and my mom and I headed south to Franklin to spend the day immersed in yarn and fiber.



It is thrilling to be around so much yarny goodness and hand-knit items.  The booth from Knitting Notions was filled with lovely knitted shawls and sweaters.

image image

I had a brief moment of insanity when I was dangerously close to buying several different bundles of hand-dyed roving (fiber ready to spin into yarn).  I had to remind myself that I don’t spin because I can’t get my hands to drop the yarn that’s in them 90% of the time.  Funds would be better used by finding some unique skeins of yarn that I would actually use.  I’m happy to report:  mission accomplished!  I did bring home some lovely skeins that I’m quite excited about.  Maybe I’ll have a post to show the new yarns – I’m reminded that I never did that for the fiber fest I attended back in April.  But I digress… because I wanted to show you my favorite part of the festival.


Isn’t she lovely?!  Her name is Tinkerbell and she’s a whopping 3 months old!  I was able to pet her for a few minutes and took a quick snapshot to remember her.   I love goats, so being able to meet her was a treat.  There were also alpaca, llama, sheep, and rabbits at the show.

For lunch my mom and I went to Addison Bakery in Columbus.  We really enjoy eating here and last time we were in Columbus it was closed, so we wanted to try again since we were not far away.  Lunch was fabulous.


I had a cucumber sandwich full of thinly sliced cucumbers, spinach, and red onion on a bed of herbed cream cheese and homemade ciabatta bread.  Oh heaven!  And a side of fruit, yogurt, and granola was perfect for a warm afternoon.  And for dessert….


… a lavender cupcake!  First time in my life I’ve had one and it was delicious.  I’ve had other lavender flavored foods and drinks before and I love the heady sharp floral taste.  It was frosted with honey cream cheese fluff, which was a sweet complement to the lavender, but not over the top.  It was perfect, light, and refreshing.  And yes, the cupcake was purple.


It was delightful and I think, the highlight of the day.  Yarn, animals, good company, sunshine, and lavender cupcakes…  Yesterday was a blessed day indeed.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #837: Fiber Festival and Lunch

  1. Joan Jones says:

    We are so happy that you and your mother enjoyed lunch and a lavender cupcake with us at Addison Bakehouse! You may know this already, but our building was previously a knit shop!

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