Gift #838: Stone Walls

I have a fascination with stone walls that borders on the obsessive.  And the older and more decrepit they are, the more I’m attracted to them.  I think they are so beautiful, especially when the stone is weathered and pitted and covered in moss and plants.  Stone walls or steps in gardens add architectural interest as well as provide a substrate for plants.  And it adds a feeling of history and mystery to a place, as if the walls are ruins from a long-forgotten people.  I find stone cottages equally amazing for the same reasons.  (Plus they are very English, but we’ll not get started down that rabbit trail or we’ll get lost.)


There are lots of stone walls at Spring Mill State Park – this is one of its great charms.  The area is rich in limestone and you can find all sorts of natural and man-made outcroppings of weathered limestone covered in moss and lichens.  They serve as homes for a myriad of different plants and tiny animals.

image image

The pictures in this post come from a stone wall in the floral and herb garden of the pioneer village.  The garden is built into a depression and the stone wall borders the side of the garden that slopes upward into the forest again.  It’s full of fascinating details and I could literally stand there for hours pouring over every rock, plant, and crevice.  Each little niche is a beautiful microcosm – a tiny world of rock, mineral, water droplets, moss, plant roots, and tiny leaves.

image image

Blessings to you,


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3 Responses to Gift #838: Stone Walls

  1. What a vivid description of this wonderful garden , Sarah . I was there enjoying it with you . I love stone walls supporting colonies of plants , too . Your photos are so good today ! Blessings to you , too , WG

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    You would love New England – we have miles and miles of stone walls! Have you ever visited here? My favorites are the lichen-encrusted ones. It takes a long time for that to happen, they are like works of art!

  3. Yes – that’s exactly so – stone walls are works of art. Each one is unique. I’ve never been to New England, but I would love to come. Well, I take that back, when I was very young my family did a road trip that included going from Gettysburg to NYC to the Statue of Liberty. But I don’t remember too much about it. I’d love to travel through during fall to see the foliage changing. Blessings to you, Sarah

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