GIft #840: Summer Flowers and Fruit

Well I don’t know what happened to the week.  It was a long, busy week at work and the days seemed to blur in a mess of wake up, work, run errands, collapse in a heap, go to bed, repeat x 5.  I’ll try to be a bit more consistent with blogging next week – the evenings just got away from me this week.  Plus I’ve been busy trying to get some crafting stuff done on a deadline, and as usual, it’s not cooperating.  But if I manage to get them done I’ll share them.  In addition to business, the week was also eventful in that it’s summertime!  Technically I know it’s not for a few more weeks, but for all intents and purposes it’s now.  Graduations are mostly finished (my cousin graduated last week!), the flowers are in bloom, and it’s oppressively hot and humid.



Although summer is not my favorite season, there are two great things I love about it – flowers and fruit!  Summer is a time of bounty – flowers are in full bloom, covered in butterflies and bees, and sweet summer fruits are ripening.  Everything is growing at full capacity.  In fact one day this week, I swear my cilantro grew 3 inches from when I left to when I came home from work!

These pictures were taken a while ago, so the flowers and greens in the planters are even more lush and beautiful now.  I plan to take more pictures this weekend, if we don’t have rain.  It’s lovely to see cheery flowers first thing in the morning.


Yesterday I went to our Strawberry Festival downtown where they serve strawberry shortcake and have live music.  It was a nice warm day for a walk and by the time we all got to the lines to get our treat, that ice cream looked really appealing.  Then at knit group that night, the owners brought fresh strawberries from their garden for us!  It was a delightful surprise and we all enjoyed the ruby sweetness.  There’s nothing like fresh, from-your-garden strawberries!  I tried growing them once and the squirrels certainly seemed to enjoy them – because they ate them all!  It’s also been a great season for peaches.  During summer I enjoy eating fruit as smoothies.  It’s healthier and just as refreshing as ice cream and it’s a great snack!


Tonight I enjoyed a pineapple smoothie made with pineapple (obviously), some protein powder, and a bit of almond milk.  It was delicious!  It reminds me of the pineapple-whip desserts we would  get at Disneyland.  Next time I may try adding a bit of coconut or banana.  I also want to try some fruit + veggie smoothies this summer.

I hope you are enjoying the fruits and flowers of the season.


Blessings to you,


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One Response to GIft #840: Summer Flowers and Fruit

  1. The smoothie looks delicious and matches your flowers ☺ I hope we all get a break from the heat , soon . Enjoy your weekend ! WG

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