Gift #842: Art Bead Scene – June

Whew!  It’s been a busy week!  Monday evening I spent with a friend, yesterday I was busy making cards, tomorrow is my knit night, and Friday I’m volunteering at a local dodgeball tournament.  And next week I’m headed out for vacation!  There’s always a lot to be done before going on vacation and I’m trying to be proactive and not leave everything to the last minute.  Mainly I’ve been focusing on getting some crafty things done because several of them were monthly challenges for June and I needed to have those finished before I left.  Today I wanted to share with you what I made over the weekend.  Art Bead Scene blog hosts monthly challenges that I’ve been participating in since February.  Here’s our June painting to serve as our inspiration.

June ABSIt was created by Seraphine Louis, a French painter who lived from 1864-1942.  She was self-taught and painted secretly by candlelight until her work was discovered by an art collector, Wilhelm Udhe, who became her greatest patron and publicly introduced her work.   Lots of bright, hot colors in this artwork – perfect for summer.  I loved that it was a leaf theme and my original idea was to make a set of polymer leaves, shading from mint green to orange to red and then arrange them symmetrically in a choker style with a bit of fringe (to mimic the leaf tendrils) at the center.  I made all the leaves, even imprinting them like in the painting, and was pleased with how the colors came out, but I still need practice getting the beads even and I was having trouble with the fringe.  The longer I worked with it the more I realized I was never going to wear anything like that out in public and it might be best to start over with a design and materials that I would enjoy wearing.  In February I had won a gift certificate from Art Bead Scene and bought several beautiful pendants and beads from a ceramic artist, Bo Hulley.


I pulled those out and voila! there was a pendant that matched the colors and featured leaves!  Completely unplanned, but serendipitously, I had been playing around with my leftover clay bits and made a bunch of swirly roundels in mint green, brown, and red.  They matched the pendant perfectly!  I paired them together with some czech beads and tiny wood spacers, and I had a gold leaf clasp that I used to reinforce the leaf theme and pull the eye up the necklace.


I had one leftover clay bead, which I turned into a focal point for a matching bracelet, and rounded it out with some more czech beads.  A few tiny leaves at the clasp echo back to the painting.


The earrings I designed are long and dangly, featuring more of the dainty leaves, the orange/red czech beads, and a tiny aqua glass bead to pull a bit of the lighter color from the necklace and painting.


As a bonus, my necklace was featured today on the Art Bead Scene blog!  That’s the first time my jewelry has been highlighted in public and I’m really excited about that.  You can check out the article here if you’re interested.  It was a wonderful gift to come home this evening and see that.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Blessings to you,



This is much more in my style than my first idea, and I’m very pleased that the set can be worn in summer as well as in fall (my favorite month!)

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