Gift #849: Lair o’ the Bear

We spent the day at a favorite family park – Lair o’ the Bear, just outside of Morrison, CO.  My family spent so much time at this park -we loved it so much we never really went anywhere else.   Walking the trails now, I can’t help but remember the happy times here and it seems like I can hear the ghost laughter and footsteps of my family echoing down the paths.  I miss them so much when I stand here.


Sometimes I feel like I’d give anything to wind back time and live it all again.  Time only moves in one direction though, and I’m thankful for where God has led us all now.  I’m grateful that my memories of growing up here are sweet.


Here’s the bluff that we would race to – climbing the trails today, I’m amazed at the energy my brother and I had when we were younger!  We’d fly up the trails and bound up these rocks like mountain goats!  I didn’t climb them today, but did stop to take the required picture – we took one every trip, so it’s tradition.


I was delighted to find the park still so green and full of wildflowers.  I have lots of other pictures I’ll share later of the beautiful flowers on this trip.  One of the beautiful things about hiking in the mountains is even thoughh you may hike the same park, you never see it exactly the same.  Every hike is a different experience.


For example, this time, Bear Creek was nearly overflowing its banks!  It hasn’t been this full in a long time.  There’s so much water in fact, that little side rivulents and springs are flowing.  I’m glad that the water levels this summer are still so high.

After hiking, we drove around in the mountains for a while before heading back into town.  We had tacos again for dinner and watched the sun set over the mountains while listening to the Moody Blues.  And I made memories I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Blessings to you,


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