Gift #854:

Today was the day when what I dream for all year finally comes true.  Whenever I am stressed or tired or afraid, I retreat here in my mind.  (I spend a lot of time at this spot in my daydreams actually, not just when I’m feeling stressed, because it’s a very dear place to me).

I sat here, looking at this:


I soaked it in, trying to absorb the very place through every pore of my skin, fixing every little detail in my memory.  I closed my eyes and let the sounds and smells wash over me, savoring the beauty of this place.  I let my feet caress the grass in this place I love so much.


And I knit.  Surrounded by birds, dappled sun through tree leaves,  sweet flowers perfuming the air.  Is there any felicity in the world to compare with this?  I felt as if for a few hours I had been transported to heaven.


Precious hours here will soothe and inspire my heart through another year, until I can lay eyes on my beloved park again.


Blessings to you,


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