Gift #855: Happy 4th!

Today I saw something I thought I would never see in Denver again…



I didn’t think I’d see them partly because I usually come in June, not over the 4th of July, and the other reason is for many years when we lived here, fireworks were banned because of fire concerns.  In fact, when I moved to Indy, I was astonished to see firework stand everywhere – it was such a foreign concept because no open flames were allowed in Denver at all.  But a couple of years of heavier-than-normal snow and rain has lowered the fire threat and fireworks are enjoyed again.

My mom and I had debated on what to do for the 4th and hadn’t come up with any brilliant ideas.  But yesterday, by chance, I happened to notice an add that the Colorado Symphony would be performing at an amphitheater near our hotel and there would be fireworks after.  I checked online and tickets were still available, so within 10 min, we had tickets.  Score!!  So tonight we enjoyed hearing our symphony, which I have not heard for over 10 years.


They played songs from stage and screen, including Star Wars, Frozen, Harry Potter, and Wicked.  The second half featured classical and patriotic numbers such as American in Paris, Aaron Copeland’s work, 1812 Overture, a tribute to the Armed Forces, and we all stood and sang God Bless America together.  (That was my favorite part!)  And then the fireworks started to the rousing strains of Sousa’s marches.  Oh, the fireworks were amazing!  It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

image image

It was a great evening and I’m so delighted we were able to attend at the last-minute.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate our nation’s birthday.  Happy 4th everyone!

Blessings to you,


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