Gift#857: Lair o’ the Bear

We wanted to spend our last day in Denver in our beloved Lair o’ the Bear park.  Yesterday a storm cell moved in that dropped the temperature 30 degrees, so it was quite cool today and rainy.  Nevertheless, we were determined to visit our park again.  We had to picnic in the car instead okf at the shelters and we wore about every layer we could put on.  Thankfully, we had some plastic rain ponchos from a previous hike – those have come in quite handy the past 2 days as the front moved through.  So, armed as best as we could be against the elements, we ventured off to the park.

We don’t often get the chance to experience the mountains in rain.  If there is rain, it’s typically severe thunderstorms that arise during the afternoon – those have lightning and it’s not safe to be exposed in those storms.  This was a steady drizzle accompanied with mist that carpeted the mountains in filmy dew.  It was lovely.


The clouds hung so low that most of the mountain tops were obscured.  You could watch clouds and mist move over the surface of the mountains in a mesmerizing dance.  The park was filled with a feeling of mystery and obscured beauty that could be glimpsed beyond the shifting curtain of fog.


We hiked all the trails in the park – there are 4 – including my favorite, which trails along the river, across a bridge, and then hugs my favorite mountain in the whole state.


It was lovely today.  The overcast conditions made it perfect to photograph the myriad green ferns, succulents, and moss that grow on her welcoming slope.  The rain glossed all the granite and quartz rock of the mountain so that it practically sparkled.  In the cloudy rain, the mountain seemed to glow and shimmer with life in a radiant way.   I took lots of pictures to share in the coming days.  It was a magical time spent in my special place with the mountain I love so much – a perfect way to end my time in my beloved city.


Blessings to you,


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