Gift #861: Bonnie Brae ice cream

A hot and steamy day like today has me daydreaming about neighborhood ice cream parlors.  My favorite place in Denver for ice cream is Bonnie Brae.  It’s a quintessential neighborhood stop, with families walking there from their homes with their dogs (pets can get their own treats at Bonnie Brae too!).  There’s a library across the street and the red and white awning sparkles with lights at night.  It looks like something from Disneyland. Be prepared for a long line during the summer, but it moves quickly and on the weekends there’s live music.


This time we were able to hear a cello/trumpet jazz duo.  They made the ice cream right there in the shop and each night you have more than 20 flavors to pick from.image

Some of our favorites include cappuccino chip, butter brickle, cherry mash, lemon custard, butterscotch.. you get the idea, we have lots of favorites.   A new flavor I tried this year was mocha oreo, a fresh, tasty twist on cookies and cream.  Although I hate coffee, I love coffee-flavored ice cream and this was really good.


We won’t discuss exactly how many visits to Bonnie Brae were made on this trip to Denver.  When you’re only there once a year, you have to pack lots of memories into the days.  I can assure you, most all those calories were walked off during days of mountain hiking.


Hope you’re enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer and ice cream.

Blessings to you,



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