Gift #865: Mossy mountain trails

I have a handful of favorite trails scattered throughout the Denver Rocky Mountain foothills.  These are the really, really good ones where you get all excited and happy just thinking about them.  They’re the places where you’re suddenly surrounded by more beauty than you could possibly take in. And how much I love them is directly proportional to the amount of moss.


My most loved trail in Denver is the Bear Creek Trail in Lair o’ the Bear Park.  I’ve loved this trail madly since I first set foot on it and affection has not waned in all these years.  The trail meanders next to the creek and then crosses a bridge and sidles up next to a mountain and that’s when it gets really good.  And that’s because this mountain is covered in all manner of beautiful things and I’d be really happy to spend the rest of my life staring at it.

Ferns cascade down the front of it in rivers of undulating green.


Puddles of moss are pooled along every surface


Quartz and granite jut out among the moss, creating the most exquisite contrast of textures and color.


Succulents, lichen, and tiny wildflowers nestle in the crevices of the mountain like glistening treasures.

image image

Its beauty overwhelms me every time I’m there.  It’s always more alive and vibrant than what I remember.  I want to find some way to capture the essence of it – moss, fern, rock, lichen, bark, dew… the way the light dances with sharp edges and filters through vegetation, the way the earth smells full of life and decay and green, and the way my heart loves it so dearly.


Blessings to you,



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