Gift #866: Once and Future King 1

It’s been an incredibly busy week!  Things have been hectic at work and I’ve been out a lot in the evenings.  Consequently, I haven’t had much time for crafting and that’s rather stressed me out because I have some deadlines looming.  I’ve spent the little time I have had staring at the half-worked projects, moving things around, and staring some more.  But I made up for it tonight and finished up 2 pieces, worked up 2 from scratch, and made the components for another 2!  After being so productive with my jewelry, I’ve now turned my attention to knitting.  Last Friday was the official start of my next knit-a-long with Unique Sheep.  Our project for the next few months is inspired by Once and Future King by T.H. White.


To befit an Arthurian theme, I selected yarn with a rich gradient that moves from purple to blue to green.   The construction of the shawl is revealed bit by bit in seven weekly clues.  I don’t know too much yet, but the project will be a rectangular shawl, knit in two pieces from edge inwards and then grafted together at the end.  So my shawl will run from purple to blue to green and then back out to purple.  It’s worked on lace-weight yarn with dark purple seed beads and daggers along the edge.  Since we’ll be dealing with kings and wizards, it never hurts to keep an owl nearby.


I’ve not read many Arthurian legends before so I’m looking forward to reading the book as I go along.  Once and Future King is actually a compilation of books, the first of which is Sword in the Stone.  (Note the sheep mascot is cleverly pulling his sword out of a ball of yarn).   Until this knit-a-long, I had no idea that Sword in the Stone was a book.  I thought the Disney Studio just made the movie of the same name based on their own imagination.  It’s one of my favorite animated classics and I’ve been delighted to find it also is a book.  Naturally there are quite a few changes.  Namely, the book moves slower in the beginning and there are more characters, but Merlin and Archimedes (his owl) have entered the scene.  Archimedes is my favorite from the movie because he’s so feisty.  My brother and I loved watching the movie together growing up and we would laugh hysterically at the antics Wart (Arthur), Merlin, and Archimedes would get into as they changed form and Merlin taught Wart life lessons by becoming different animals.


Although I’m off to a slow start, I’m enjoying the pattern so far.  I’ve completed 1 repeat of 10 for the edging, then I’ll pick up stitches and start knitting the body.  Archimedes the Owl is keeping a weather eye for dropped stitches or other foul knitting necromancy.

Blessings to you,


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